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We Need Each Other

In Revelations chapter 12:10the bible calls satan the accuser of the brethren.  In other words this vile spirit actually hasthe nerve to accuse, condemn and point the finger at the children of God!!! InZechariah chapter 3, Joshua, the high priest, is accused by satan as acriminal, but is justified.  Like Joshuawe all have had the finger of satan pointed at us.    
If you are born again youare justified by the blood of the Lamb, you are cleansed and you are therighteousness of God through Jesus Christ. Do not let satan lie, steal, or kill what God has done for you, what Godhas created you to do, what God has delivered you from, what God has called you(He has called you beloved, saint, child, my minister, my disciple, my friendand a bunch of other wonderful things). 
satan tries to steal fromall of us.  As a child of God and apastor I see the following scenario all the time:  You get saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit,you get delivered, you get called into a ministry function, you receive something(fill in the blank) and within the next few days (or hours) satan is accusingyou or telling you that its not real, you're not good enough, why would God goes on and on.  
Do not let him get away withthis.  In Jeremiah 29:11 it says that Godhas plans for good for us.  God wants usto be and have everything good in this life. You are called into ministry, you are saved, you are free and thebaptism in the Holy Spirit..well take it from this Southern Baptist raised girlIT IS REAL.
Listen if you start havingthese types of thoughts, thoughts that are condemning, thoughts of doubtrealize where they come from and read the next verse.  Revelations 12: 10 says they overcame him(satan) by the blood of the lamb and the WORD of their testimony.  Call someone, don't hide in the dark and letsatan beat you up with doubt.  Callsomeone and shine a light on what he is telling you and testify of what God hasdone for you.
This is why we need eachother, this is one of the reasons God wants us to bond together and build relationshipsso we can help each other fight and stand against the evil one. 
We need each other..GO CHURCH

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